A Rabbit Walks Into a Bar | AA Humor

Oct 24, 2017

Introduction to 'A Rabbit Walks Into a Bar'

Welcome to 'A Rabbit Walks Into a Bar,' a hilarious book that combines Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) humor with witty storytelling. Authored by the talented Ali Amaro, this book will take you on a journey filled with laughter, wit, and unexpected twists.

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Discover AA Humor

The book, 'A Rabbit Walks Into a Bar,' offers a refreshing take on humor within the context of Alcoholics Anonymous. With a keen eye for observational comedy, Ali Amaro weaves together a collection of amusing anecdotes, funny stories, and thought-provoking insights that will leave you in fits of laughter.

A Journey Through Laughter

Prepare to embark on a hilarious journey through the world of AA humor. Ali Amaro's storytelling abilities will transport you to different scenarios, offering a unique perspective on the ups and downs of recovery. From humorous encounters to witty exchanges, every page of 'A Rabbit Walks Into a Bar' is filled with laughter.

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Ali Amaro Art Jewelry & Objects is not only a hub for humor; it is also a platform that celebrates visual arts and design. Ali's creations combine intricate details, exquisite craftsmanship, and a touch of whimsy. Each piece tells a story, inviting the audience to engage with the art on a deeper level.

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Ali Amaro's art jewelry and objects are meticulously designed to captivate and inspire. From beautifully crafted necklaces to unique sculptures, her creations push the boundaries of traditional art forms. Ali's ability to infuse humor and creativity into her work makes each piece a conversation starter and a true work of art.

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In a world that often takes recovery too seriously, 'A Rabbit Walks Into a Bar' and Ali Amaro Art Jewelry & Objects provide a breath of fresh air. Bursting with AA humor and innovative designs, this is a universe where laughter and creativity thrive together. Explore the depths of wit, immerse yourself in visual arts, and be prepared to be entertained like never before.

Susan Despins
This book seems like just what I need right now! Laughter is truly the best medicine, and I can't wait to dive into the hilarious world of 'A Rabbit Walks Into a Bar'. I'm sure the combination of AA humor and witty storytelling will keep me entertained from start to finish. Thank you for the recommendation!
Nov 11, 2023
Jim Steinbeck
This book sounds like a hilarious and witty read! Looking forward to some laughter!
Oct 17, 2023